pisteuo (Greek)= “believe”—put full weight on; all-in

Mountainside is helping people go all-in on following Jesus so they can say:

I am part of the family.

I am part of the mission.

I am part of the bigger Story. 

We are practicing the Gospel, neighboring, authenticity, and mentoring/disciple-making.  We don't have all the answers, but what we do have gives us a compass to navigate with hope. We want to participate and cooperate with God’s universal purposes connected to

His ever-expanding family

Our formation into His likeness

His fame

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+ building a community to reach a community +

How can we help you take your next step?


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We know each has a unique path.

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~  low judgement, high grace places  ~

~   christ oriented rhythms everyday  ~

~ encouraging responsiveness to Jesus ~

~ joining relational community, the vehicle for discipleship—our formation ~


the heart behind the 'how' 

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our life, our love, our hope, our reward


being the same everywhere we go


we're here for those not yet part of the Church


we prefer the quality that comes from collaboration


our abiding metaphor to stay close, hang loose & be responsive

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Our story starts in weakness .   .   . a pastor repenting for loving a mission more than God, a family looking for a place to call ‘home’, a missionary couple returning from the field because of sickness, and a couple of organizations hoping for a new church to begin in Boone. We started back in 2017 meeting in homes and officially launched a Sunday gathering on March 25, 2018. We’re just a year and half old, and sometimes our fragility shows—but as some know, when we are weak, the Christ’s strength is revealed in us. We’re thankful for the organizations and churches that have supported our beginning, and we love the people God has been calling out to form this part of His Body we call Mountainside Community Church. Here’s to our next year of dependence upon the Lord and interdependence with each other!

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From left to right:  Isaac, Elec, Sherri, Shannon, Zach

From left to right: Isaac, Elec, Sherri, Shannon, Zach


the Mountainside



 helping people find and follow Jesus  


small groups

We believe relational community is the vehicle for discipleship (embracing and training to be a Christ-follower). In a relational community centered around Christ, we have one hand in—connecting with others and Jesus, and the have the other hand out—extending it to those who want to connect. As we come together we learn the stories behind each face and see how the Gospel applies to each other’s lives, and we help one another walk the next step in our journey of following Jesus. In all this, we build community to reach a community.

(click on the gallery pics below to see how normal and weird we are!)

“If we are to love our neighbors, before doing anything else we must first see our neighbors . . . we must see not just their faces but the life behind their faces." 

— Frederick Buechner


we are a spiritual family on mission together.


pass the baton of faith and leadership by coaching each other


practicing neighboring by doing the unexpected

re-think & re-form

our will, thoughts, and emotions around what Jesus said and did


what's impressed is to be uniquely expressed in our work,

art, play, rest, and relationships


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At Mountainside, we're about surprising people with love. Showing up for the community when they most need it, and least expect it.   This past December we also surprised the staff at all our Asian restaurants in town on Christmas Eve with cookies and fresh fruit—then we went on to the hospital and did the same for all the nurses stations! We only had a couple of requests for singing some carols! On this last Sunday of March, we were again out at the school and surprising in some other places—and doing these things together is fun! This past 4th of July we surprised people at the parade with some gift-giving (a free frisbee) and putting a smile on some kids and parents faces, along with hosting a free “kid’s camp” (VBS). ON SEPTEMBER 29TH (10:30AM-12PM) JOIN US AS WE PREPARE OVER 5,000 MEALS TO CHILDREN IN HAITI! (CHILDREN SUPERVISED BY PARENTS CAN ASSIST!).
We love to love Boone, and we love to do it with you. 

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Yeah, we do Sundays!  It's a time to express our faith, explore truth, enter community, and hopefully experience God together.  Since, our Sunday gatherings do include someone speaking, it follows a setting for proclamation--but we still try to create moments for dialogue around that proclamation time!


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Visiting a new church can be intimidating - so let us walk through the experience with you!

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At Mountainside Community our guests are our priority. From parking, Mountainside Kids' Church, and post-experience, we'll be there with you every step of the way! There will be a friendly face there to meet you at the front door to show you where to find seating, coffee, the restrooms, and children's ministry. 



At Mountainside, we have live worship and teaching. Our worship is intentionally designed to lift high the name of Jesus. Our teaching is compelling, authentic, and firmly rooted in the Word of God. You can plan on our services lasting an hour and a half.

Oh....and there is no dress code. You'll see some people in casual dress and others in jeans and a t-shirt. Wear whatever makes you comfortable!



 Mountainside Kids is available for children birth – 3rd grade. Our goal each and every weekend is to help your child to come, find and follow Jesus. Our nursery for 0-4 years old isn’t just babysitting, but designed with rotating centers and story-time.  Kids Church (pre-k to 3rd grade) is available during our worship experience so your kids can enjoy worship with you and then go to hear the same message you are—in an age appropriate way!  You get to hear the main idea your kids are going to learn before they head out with our Children’s Director—so you know how to later follow up with conversations about what they absorbed during Kids Church! Of course, your children are welcome to stay in the main worship. They don’t have to go to “Kids Church” or the nursery. We have “Kids Packs” so they can have “busy hands and listening ears”.


To make your first visit with us even easier, fill out the form below to register your kids so we can be ready to welcome you. We can't wait to meet you!  


What happens during the church service?

Each week is different, but some common elements include the following: Live music by a great band. A surprise element such as a creative video, drama, testimony, or mixer. An offering for those who want to support our mission & vision. Communion for anyone who wishes to take part. A message that is practical, relevant and Biblical. 

Do I have to participate in singing, prayer, offering, and communion?

No, you can just observe if you like. But know that you are welcome to join us in these practices of worship. Our communion is open to those who wish to remember Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Children are also welcome -- parents, you can decide if your children have understanding and faith.

How long does the service last?

The service is usually 90 minutes or less. 

Are children welcome in the service?

Absolutely! At Mountainside, we have Kid Packs for every child that contain cool stuff to help them engage with the spoken message. Our children's director will have "Kids Moment" with everyone together to help your kids tune in and for you to know what your kids are learning form the most important book ever -- the Bible! Your kids (4th grade and under) can choose to stay with you working with their Kids Pack, or they can leave with our Children's Director to "Mountainside Kids" in the next auditorium (sticker registration before service). We love kids staying with us and questions they ask, so know that we don't mind all the whispering voices of parents and children -- it's teachable moments you don't want to miss! We do provide a safe and fun nursery for the tiny tots who are 4 and under. When you register your child in the nursery, we can contact you if your child has a need, so you can sit back and enjoy the service!

Do you have Sunday School classes?

Not for adults; we instead have Small Groups meeting in homes. Fill out one of our Connect forms, and we can get you in the loop with all the information you need!

For children, there is a “Bible Story” time every Sunday; 5-9 year olds learn the story and then present (puppets, song, felt board) it to the 0-4 year olds. What is impressed is immediately expressed.


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