Mountainside Community Church at Fall Festivals

Mountainside Update, October 18th, 2017

Frisbees were given away at Oktoberfest, New River Fest, Valle Country Fair, and Wooly Worm Festival in two October weekends.

Frisbees were given away at Oktoberfest, New River Fest, Valle Country Fair, and Wooly Worm Festival in two October weekends.

Mountainside update, October 18th

Fall leaves are beautiful in the mountains of Boone and the Festivals are full every weekend.  Many, many people are coming to play and enjoy the outdoors before winter comes.  So, this month we are spending every weekend with them.  We arrive with our hands full of gifts for everyone who wants one- free Frisbees or fresh baked cookies from a local bakery.  We come to bless.  Everyone seems so glad we did- most everyone takes a Frisbee…’for my grandkids’…’for my dog’…’for something to toss around at the festival’.  Then there are the conversations, ‘what’s Mountainside?’, ‘where do you meet?’, ‘another Church in Boone?’,  ‘are you conservative or progressive?’.  Sometimes long talks follow and we are always glad to talk with anyone who asks.  


One man was moved that a Pastor would spend his weekend at a beer drinking festival trying to get to know folks, he gave Shannon $20 toward the Church  and told him to keep up the good work.  Another man asked if we would have communion at our Church, when we said yes- he said, “Well, I’ve only had communion once because I was never confirmed (he grew up in England). I attended a Church once that allowed any believer to partake in communion and that was my first time to take it.”  He said, “I had never felt so welcome and included until that day…”

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Another group wanted to know where Mountainside would stand politically- mentioning the recent ‘take a knee during the national anthem’ issue.  Shannon said that following Jesus often doesn’t fit into any political category.  He said the Lord may lead him to stand next to the soldier who gave himself up to defend the freedom that flag represents.  The Lord may also lead him to kneel beside a man who feels that freedom has never truly been his.  Our allegiance to Jesus will lead us to serve others in a variety of ways, despite the current political issues.

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Good talks.  Good dialogue.  Listening. Sharing. Loving. Gifting.  It is all a part of “NEIGHBORING”- one of Mountainside’s core values.


Last night our mountain house was thumping later into the evening as Mountainside’s band rehearsed in our basement. When you are a Church planter your house is the office and the rehearsal hall and the small group space and the storage facility.  You just move stuff around and get used to loading in and loading out.  Your gonna be doing that for a long, long time.  There may never be the luxury of saying, “No, that coffee table is sacred and can not be moved”.  There aren’t Elders meetings discussing if the communion table can be moved or if the pews can be removed.  Everything is given for the birth and rise of this baby Church.  It’s all just stuff- but the great blessing is the fullness of conversation, serving, worshipping, praying, and loving right in the midst of your home.


Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to reach out to this city and learn how to love her well.