How Does a Church start?

junaluska cookout.jpeg

Watching something come from nothing.  It’s like you get to breathe over God’s shoulder while he speaks into life what was in his mind.  God creating.  Us watching and saying a lot of, “Wow’s!”  This is Church planting.  This is our second time. 


We moved to Boone in March and did not know a soul in this city.  Friends from Asheville helped us unload our moving truck and within weeks we had set to work.  First steps?  Invite your neighbor to dinner and meet an awesome family.  Second step, invite more neighbors to dinner and watch them meet each other for the first time while standing in your kitchen.  Awesome. 


Then make an invitation and go door to door handing our hundreds of them, to piles and piles of neighbors.  Then load into a neighborhood park and grill some hotdogs and watch as 14 brave strangers start walking toward the grill, even in the rain.  Then tell them what the heck you are doing this for and watch them stand at a distance…until the rain falls heavier and forces them under the shelter (thanks God)…then you eat a hot dog and ask questions and in less than an hour you have found the beginning of friendships that will lead to the beginning of a new community centered around Jesus--a Church.


A Church representing a God who blesses, we call it “Surprise”.  To show up in a park on a Sunday morning with bubbles and games and goldfish and to play with children and hear stories of young families…who obviously aren’t going to Church.  Awe!  I love the God who surprises us in all the places we find ourselves.  How He pursues us even when we don’t know how or are weary of trying to find Him.

Some brave students who came out to play in the rain with us at "Meet Your Neighbor Cookout"

Some brave students who came out to play in the rain with us at "Meet Your Neighbor Cookout"

It is just a miracle.  God has an idea and we are bumbling along with only limitations and yet the miracle is unfolding again.  One story, one stranger, one orchestrated moment at time. 


We arrived with 7 McCreadys.  In a few short months we may be inching closer to a team of 20.  Please pray for us.  There is a beautiful work of His going on in these mountains and I sense God’s longing to expand His reach here, our work with this new Church plant called Mountainside Community is part of that expansion.


It is a miracle.  Every step a miracle.   It’s putting a seed into the ground and not knowing how it grows.  It’s an invitation to the new faces we meet.  There is a story behind every heart that will receive the invitation.  I know.  I have done this before.  I walked most of a decade with the hearts that said yes the first time and I love them deeply still.  Our past experience only increases our faith and anticipation for who the ‘yes’s’ will be this time and the joy, struggle, beauty, and blessing of helping them to find and follow Jesus.