Mountainside First Sunday At Galileo's

Mountainside Kids area was ready to go on our first Sunday at Galileo’s!

Mountainside Kids area was ready to go on our first Sunday at Galileo’s!

I want to introduce a new voice in our updates—Nikki R. Miller, a professional writer and mom who is a part of Mountainside. You might get two blog updates close together, since it’s my fault for the delay of this one. Thanks for your prayers and we will have more on how thing are going with meeting at Galileo’s! —Shannon McCready, Lead Pastor

Kicking off Fall with a Fresh Start


It finally arrived! Our first official Sunday service at Galileo’s happened this week, and we had a great turnout. We are so grateful for our community that continues to grow with us through these early stages of getting established in Boone. 


Pastor Shannon kicked off our new location by starting a series called D&D: The Monsters We Face. Throughout the next couple weeks, he’ll be going over the various monsters in our own life such as deception, depression and death.


Kidzone was amazing in the new space and Mountainside Kids enjoyed making swords of truth to fight again deception after learning about the original lie in the Garden of Eden.


This move to Galileo’s allows for us to also fellowship more as we no longer have to rush out of Regal Cinema. So many friendships are being formed through this new community, and it’s such a blessing to watch how our roots are getting stronger each day. We’re excited for another week at Mountainside as our small groups continue to meet. 


We hope to see you next Sunday! For more information on how to connect with us, visit