Mountainside Starts at Galileo's September 23!

Galileo pointed out we aren't the center of the universe; we're just trying point to the One who is!

Galileo pointed out we aren't the center of the universe; we're just trying point to the One who is!

Five months ago when Mountainside started, an ice storm hit Boone the evening before and kept most everyone home that first Sunday.  What do you do when handed lemons?  You make lemonade!  And we've been doing that all spring and summer, meeting new people and growing in relationship with those who helped us begin!  Now we think it's time this fall to re-invite Boone, as we relocate to Galileo's on 1087 W King St in downtown Boone.  As we move into Galileo's, we are also moving in on some other things.

We are moving in:  

1) CLOSER—to people, within walking distance to ASU and the heart of downtown Boone.

2) MOVING-IN ON COMMUNITY—we are building community to reach a community.  Our new location is not open on Sundays, which will allow us to be able to linger longer and have special events any time on a Sunday.  Our relationship with Galileo's has also opened up time and space Weds. & Thurs.) to offer weekly classes to the community--drama, crafts, creative writing, guitar and more!

3) MOVING-IN ON VISION—to grow and multiply disciples and leaders.  Our new location will allow us to have multiple services on Sunday, which means more people involved. We believe we will also have a lower-cost, reproducible model for Appalachian church planting

We did a pretty good job in letting Boone know we are the "church at the movie theater", so we will have to also do a good job in letting people know we moved--with a fresh invitation saying, "you belong here"!  Leading up to our move, we will be sending out an invite to 27,000 homes along with other means of communicating (social media and the local papers).  Pray for our team of volunteers and our staff as we learn how to set up in a new location and welcome adults, students, and children to a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Pray for more to start the journey to come, find and follow Jesus!