- Shannon -  

Lead Pastor & Discipler


The big passion for me starting Mountainside is to help people move towards Jesus, because He is the destination, not the church—yet so many people get mixed up about this.  Part of God’s thumbprint on me is that he made me to care about those on the outside; so I really believe the church exists for those not yet a part of it.  I really like music, movies, and the outdoors—hiking, cycling, backpacking—but really dislike doing those things in the rain!  Authenticity is important to me, so it really makes me rethink why we do what we do, and who we do it for.  My heart was won by Jesus, when He revealed how he knew the worst and best of me, yet still loved me.  I will follow Him all my days.


- Isaac - 

Lead Worshiper & Discipler

My passion is music and has been since I was very young. When I found out Mountainside needed a worship leader, I knew this was an opportunity to leverage my gifts for the advancement of the kingdom.

God has given me a strong sense of leadership and direction for the arts, and yet also a very easy going personality.

I enjoy movies, television and working out. I enjoy these things especially with my family and friends. I dislike country music and most vegetables... but I'm learning to like them! (the vegetables that is ;])

Knowing that I'm working towards something is very important to me; that I'm not being idle with my time and there is a purpose I'm living for.

I chose to follow Jesus because He gives me purpose, because He answers the questions I feel need answering in this life, and because He satisfies me on every deepest level of my human nature--because He satisfies my soul.



- Sherri - 

Children's & Student Director  

Sherri has been giving her time and resources to missions for more than 30 years now. She brings order, beauty, and wisdom to all we do. She is  leading Mountainside Kids and coaches Summit student (MS & HS) ministry, while also directing community engagement (local missions)!  Needless to say, Sherri has a lot of energy she directs toward God's kingdom!  Though she doesn't get a paycheck, Sherri is an irreplaceable part of this team!  


- Elec - 

Student Ministry Intern & Discipler

Elec has a loyalty to Jesus that comes out in his lesser loves of film, directing, editing.  His passion comes out when banging out chords of worship songs and belting lyrics from his gut.

God has given Elec a strong sense of leadership that he used in high school to lead guys groups and to help a student led prayer group on campus.

Elec loves to joke around, draw, and have meaningful conversations.

Elec is heading towards film school (or film internship), and in the meantime will be helping Mountainside student ministry (aka Summit) this summer.


- Zach -

Associate Pastor - Small Groups


My greatest passion for Mountainside is creating a spiritual family that is true family in every sense of the word; to help people to realize that the Gospel, Jesus' good message of peace, is relevant in every aspect of our lives. There is a truth that God speaks over us about who we are, our value, and our purpose that supersedes the stories we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis. And ours is a commitment to Him that affects every moment that we are alive to live for Him. I like creating, especially when it involves challenging myself with something I’ve never tried. I like my wife and kids. I like cooking, eating, traveling, and I love doing those things with my family. I’m so thankful that Jesus has saved me. And all I do is a simple response to what He has already done. He is the originator, the Creator. I love God because He loved me first.