If you take my picture, this cantelope is going to hit your head . . .

If you take my picture, this cantelope is going to hit your head . . .

we invest in children!

Welcome to Mountainside Kids!

Our passion at Mountainside is to pass the baton of faith and leadership to the next generation, teaching them and helping them to understand …

I am part of a bigger story.

I am loved.

I am part of a family.

I am sent.

I am following Jesus

Every Sunday morning, we're investing in parents too!  We know you've been given the responsibility of discipling your children, so during our main worship gathering, we have a "Kids Moment".  It's an old-school, come-on-down front kids time, where our Children's Director, Sherri (or Annie, her Assistant), speaks directly to the children in concrete terms.  How is this for parents?  You need examples of how to talk to your children about spiritual things, and every Sunday, the message your hearing is translated in "kid-speak"!


Sunday Morning "kids" Ages 0-4

 Our interactive nursery with rotating play and learning stations is a hit!  Children are played with, not just ‘watched’. Every Sunday morning we have lots of fun and the children enjoy a 'story time' (Bible Story)  with our wonderful team of volunteers, including some our students!

Sunday Morning "Climbers" Ages 5-9

Our climbers have a choice each Sunday: they can stay in the gathering with their parents and enjoy our kid packs--or after the Kids Moment they may leave with our Kids Directors to join Kids Church.  Kids Church will include a simple lesson, putting it into a creative form (puppets, story, felt board) and presenting it to the 0-4 year olds. What’s impressed is immediately expressed— and it’s fun! Kids Church Climbers can be picked up from the McKids room after church.