In Mountainside's youth group, Summit, we've found nothing ever beats together-ness! This ranges all the way from roller-skating and movie-nights, to our weekly gathering when we study scripture and catch up on what's been going on in eachother's lives. We emphasize this value so much that we don't have sermons or lectures at our group. We focus almost entirely on dialogue, cause it turns out young people have a lot to say! This manifests itself primarily in our study of scripture, but also as we give eachother life updates over our shared meal.



Student Leadership

In Summit we believe that giving opportunities for leadership is essential in a young person's growth as a Christ-Follower. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to hand the mantle of leadership to students.  During mid-week, we are excercising this value by focusing on learning how to understand and digest scripture in a study format. Whether it's in communication, question-asking, scripture-picking, or even in games, we believe every student has the capacity to have an active role in the youth group.  During Sunday mornings students contribute to the church at large helping with adult worship, sound and lighting, children's ministry, and hospitality.  Our goal in this respect is to show students that they can be (and are) valuable members in the body of Christ.