Mountainside School of Mentoring & Art aims to provide high-quality art and life-skill training at an affordable cost, to make learning accessible to everyone.




3:30   3rd-5th Drama

            4:00   Beginner Crochet

                            Private Guitar Lesson

         4:30   Drama (12 & up)

                          Private Guitar Lesson

                 5:00   Private Guitar Lesson


               3:15   Private Guitar Lesson

          Pre-K Drama

               3:45   Private Guitar Lesson

 4:00  Drama (K-2)

              4:15    Private Guitar Lesson   

       4:30    Creative Writing (3rd-8th)

               4:45    Private Guitar Lesson


    9:30-12:00   Mom's Morning Out



(Classes listed alphabetically)

Beginner Crochet

The objective of this class will be to learn a stress free craft technique and hopefully find your happy place. We will learn the basics of crochet together (One stitch at a time) and then move on to a project of your choice... I have some great Crochet books for your viewing pleasure and to get your creative juices flowing I will supply the Crochet hook and yarn for the learning process. All ages welcome. Come and enjoy the fun!


Creative Writing

(3rd-8th grade) Learn every stage of the writing process from brainstorming to drafting and revision. This class will help you develop a short story with the help of peer critique and support while also engaging in other writing exercises.



(pre-school through 12 & up) Theatre classes are an amazing way to explore all kinds of performance; including acting, movement, stage presence, vocal projection, even a little bit of music and art.  The classes are packed with fun, games, expression, and the joy of creating a performance piece that will allow each student the chance to grow.  Each class will be provide age appropriate training and performance opportunities that will culminate in a finale performance.



Beginner: Isaac will sit down with each student individually to get a grasp on their current knowledge and ability (if any), and from there work towards mastery of all general chords, and basic strumming patterns.

Intermediate: Like the beginners class, Isaac will sit with each student individually to discover their current knowledge and abilities in guitar playing. However, unlike the beginners class, Isaac will construct a custom teaching plan per student to help them advance and grow depending on their specific needs. These areas of growth include (but are not limited to) - technique, timing, musicality, chording, precision, execution, and playing in odd time signatures. 


Mom's Morning Out

Kiddo’s will enjoy a stimulating morning of play, stories, crafts, and music for children 1-4 years old.  Media free child care with Mountainside will provide the atmosphere of good, old fashioned creativity and fun- while parents and care givers can enjoy a morning out.



(Bios are listed alphabetically by class)


Beginner Crochet

Pamela Torres

I have been a Fabric Artist for as far back as I can remember. I was blessed with two exceptional Grandmothers - one was a Tailor who made intricate clothing and the other - a free spirited woman with a love of color and texture and all things beautiful. Both were eager to teach me their arts and to use my imagination as a tool for creativity. My passion as an Artist has grown over the years.... to pass on these art forms - so they will not be lost to the next generations. Come and join me as we explore the creative possibilities of Crochet


Creative Writing

Nikki Roberti Miller

Nikki Roberti Miller is young adult author represented by the Bradford Literaey Agency and was a seven-time award winning playwright by the time she was 19 with short pieces of her work performed around the country, including the Kennedy Center in D.C. She has over a decade of published writing experience and a communications/journalism degree from Appalachian State University. 


Sherri McCready

Sherri McCready has been a Thespian for over 30 years, performing, writing, directing, and teaching theatre for 3 decades.  She was a Vocal Major and a Ballet Major in her early College years, and then traveled with the Choice Team for 7 years performing in Schools and Churches all over the Country. She founded Elevate School of Life and Art in Asheville, NC in 2009 and then wrote and directed Story of God 2014-2017 ( She has performed in Godspell (Director), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Narrator).


Guitar Lessons

Isaac McCready

Isaac has been playing guitar for over a decade now. Having accrued experience in various bands and churches over the years, he has become very familiar in the art of performance, chording, rhythm, and strumming. He teaches with a desire to pass along his passion for music and guitar to his students, young or old. 



Classes: $80 full semester tuition or $40 per month ($10/per class)

Private Lessons: $200 full semester tuition or $100 per month ($25/per lesson)

Mom's Morning Out: $200 full semester childcare or $100 per month ($25/per session)

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