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FALL 2019

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TUESDAY     4:15 Theatre (+10) *FULL *   5:15: Improv (+11 yrs)    4:15 Hip Hop is now 4:15 Elementary Ballet    10:00 AM Saxon Algebra I is now held Thursdays 3:15 PM    Advanced Math TBA    Email msannegirlmusic@gmail to inquire about private Aerial Silk lessons; private drumming lessons available Wednesday 3:15-4:45 PM   (3 slots available)   (1) click “download” button (2) right click and select “save as” (3) post, print, share!


4:15 Theatre (+10) *FULL*

5:15: Improv (+11 yrs)

4:15 Hip Hop is now 4:15 Elementary Ballet

10:00 AM Saxon Algebra I is now held Thursdays 3:15 PM

Advanced Math TBA

Email msannegirlmusic@gmail to inquire about private Aerial Silk lessons; private drumming lessons available Wednesday 3:15-4:45 PM (3 slots available)

(1) click “download” button (2) right click and select “save as” (3) post, print, share!

Elementary Drama Presents: Green Eggs & Ham

Elementary Drama Presents: Green Eggs & Ham

Mom’s Morning Out - Storybook Theater Presents: Three Little Pigs

Mom’s Morning Out - Storybook Theater Presents: Three Little Pigs


(Classes listed alphabetically)

Advance High School Mathematics w/Trigonometry: Teacher, Tim Hengst. Advanced high school mathematics course utilizing the Saxon curriculum and methodologies: Covers permutations, combinations, trigonometric and inverse functions, conic sections, matrices and determinants, binomial theorem, rational roots, Euclidean geometry. Target Audience: No age limit is necessary but a solid grasp of algebra is necessary. This is a high school level course. Curriculum: Advanced Mathematics: An Incremental Development, 2nd Edition ISBN: 9781565770393, Class Size Limit: 10 students *Note: due to short notice work travel, class may get cancelled, typically with a week's notice. Effort will be made to either make up cancelled sessions or provide a substitute teacher*

Aerial Silks: Teacher, Celia Thurman. Max of 12 students. Hour long class. Ages 7+ Aerial Silks was developed in the 1950s in France, as a form of doing acrobatics on fabric. It became more widely know in the 1990s by Cirque du Soleil. This class will focus on safety and primary skills in aerial silks. We will learn to climb the silk in several different ways & safely descend. We will learn how to make "foot knots/locks" and go upside down. We might even do some flips! We may also get to do some very basic work on lyra/cerceau, depending on progression on our silk work. Conditioning and stretching will be required "homework" outside of class -- in order to obtain better strength and coordination. Aerial arts are dangerous and should be approached with great respect and discipline. Students should wear tight-fitting clothing (in accordance with dress code below) that they can freely move in. There may be some "hands-on" spotting necessary.
Dress code: Fitted shirt or tank top that is long enough to tuck in, and/or leotard. Compression shorts or leggings (not tights) with/or without gym shorts or sweats on top. Bare feet. Please no jewelry (stud earrings/tiny piercings are okay), hair should be secured back, and no chewing gum. Please bring a water bottle if so desired. This is a non-performing class / optional end-of-semester demonstration.

Bible Quizzing: Teacher, Bob and Michelle McManus. Bible quizzing is an exciting way to get students into the word of God, and thus the word of God into students. With a rotating schedule of material, quizzers are exposed to a large percentage of the New testament. Quizzers compete monthly locally and have an opportunity, in the spring, to compete nationally. In the competitions, quizzers learn how to work as a team, think on their feet, and handle pressure.

British Literature & History: Teacher, Kendra Foskey 215 British History & Literature for grades 9 -12 (recommended purchase of books) Respected Christian educator, Dr. James Stobaugh, offers an entire year of high school British history curriculum in an easy to teach and comprehensive volume. British History: Observations & Assessments from Early Cultures to Today employs clear objectives and challenging assignments for the eleventh grade student without revisionist or anti-Christian perspectives. From before the Anglo-Saxon invasions to the end of an empire, British history trends, philosophies, and events are thoroughly explored. The following components are covered for the student:

  • Critical thinking

  • Examinations of historical theories, terms, and concepts

  • History makers who changed the course of Britain’s history

  • Overviews and insights into world views.

Students will complete this course knowing the rise of the British empire that influenced nearly every corner of the earth! This 272-page student resource should be used in conjunction with the British History: Observations & Assessments from Early Cultures to Today for the Teacher book. American History and World History are included in this comprehensive high school history curriculum for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades offered by Dr. James Stobaugh and Master Books.

Criminology (+13 yrs): Teacher, Andy Lebeau. The Criminal Justice System: the aggregate of all operating and administrative or technical support agencies that perform criminal justice functions. The basic divisions of criminal justice are law enforcement, courts and corrections. This class will cover a full semester of the basic aspects of the American Criminal Justice system.

Week 1: Where our laws come from: The Bible, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; Consensus v. Conflict; Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches

Week 2: Crime during various times through American history: then versus now

Week 3: Causes of Crime

Week 4: Rule of Law and the various types of law

Week 5: Policing, History and Structure

Week 6: Police, Purpose and Organization

Week 7: Policing: Legal aspects

Week 8: Challenges within the police profession

Week 9: Structure and aspects of the US court system

Week 10: What happens after arrest, before court and during court? 

Week 11: Sentencing: types of sentencing and the goal of sentencing

Week 12: Probation, parole and reentry

Week 13: History of punishment for crimes and prisons

Week 14: Life in prison

Crochet, Knit, Macreme: Teacher, Kendra Foskey. 115 Crochet/Knit/Macramé for grades 6-12, Crochet a hat, knit a scarf, macramé on a piece of driftwood, or embroidery hoop. Learn to make your own t-shirt yarn, and hand dying. For beginners.

Dance & Theater: Teacher, Katrina Locklin (2:15) & Sherri McCready (10:30). PreK Dance and Theatre students will learn the joy of performing and attempting the triple threat; singing, dancing, and acting! This class will allow our young performers to gain stage presence, basic choreography, simple line memorization, projection and diction. They will work together to create a few performance pieces for our Finale program…and they will be show stoppers, guaranteed!

Economics: Teacher, Kendra Foskey. 1130 Economics Whatever happened to Penny Candy for grades 9-12 (families to purchase book) This clearly written, award-winning book about economics is a remarkably easy and fun explanation of money (its origin and history), the dollar (its origin and history), investment cycles, velocity, business cycles, recessions, inflation, the demand for money, government (its economic behavior), and more. All explanations and interpretations are according to the Austrian and Monetarist schools of economic theory.

Elementary Art: Instructor: Hannah Hengst. The main goal of this class will be learning some essential art skills and building confidence! I encourage kids not to be shy using lots of paint, big paper and making a bit of a mess in the process. I used to be shy around a blank piece of paper. I would always water down my paint, use small sheets of paper, and make as few pencil strokes as possible to complete a picture. Only recently have I discovered the joys of bold strokes, intense shading, thick paint and big paper. I hope to impart this same enthusiasm to my students and set them well on the path to becoming confident artists. Target Audience: 7-12 years, Supplies: $20/semester supply fee, Class Size Limit: 5 students

Elementary Ballet: Teacher, Katrina Locklin

Etsy Art: Teacher, Kendra Foskey. 315 ETSY art grades 6 - 12 (purchase book Handmade Marketplace 2nd edition) Make money doing what you love. Kari Chapin’s insightful and inspiring guide to turning your crafting skills into earned income has been completely revised and updated. The Handmade Marketplace is filled with proven techniques that can help you brand your business, establish a client base, sell your products, and effectively employ all aspects of social media. Learn how easy it is to enjoy a lucrative career while leading the creative life you’ve always craved.

Geography: Teacher, Kendra Foskey. 1030 The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide for grades 9-12, From selecting appropriate reference materials, to constructing a timeline, to establishing a student notebook, this book will guide you through literature, science, and history, and includes a complete multi-level geography course for high school students.

Group Guitar: Teacher, Shannon McCready. For beginners wanting to learn to play songs! We will learn and review basic open chords, learn 1st and 2nd position chords, and some power chords for playing songs you’re familiar with. Working together we will practice for good strumming, finger positioning for clear sounds, and introduce a picking pattern along with some basic reading of music notation. Must have your own guitar.

Improv: Teacher, Gracie Swain. In taking this class, students will improve their ability to think on their feet. The improvisation class will give students the outlet to create and even be silly while gaining the confidence they will need in their everyday lives. This class will encourage students to become characters and to do short skits with plots and dialogue that are made up at that moment. The class will revolve around different improv games that will help each student be more confident on the stage and in navigating their everyday lives.

Hip-Hop: Teacher, Katrina Locklin. A combination of Hip-hop and Street Jazz styles with east coast and west coast influences. Modest, age appropriate movements are taught and performed to inspirational and uplifting clean music.

History & Literature: Teacher, Kendra Foskey. 930 to 1000 Elementary History & Literature Primary Language Lessons by: Emma Serl for Grades 2/3 (families must purchase book) "Primary Language Lessons" deals with word usage, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, contractions, letter writing, memorization and recitation of poetry, retelling or rewriting of brief narratives, copy-work, and dictation. Overall emphasis is upon proper word usage in both spoken and written communication. Beautiful artwork reproductions (in black and white) are used as the basis for a number of lessons as are myths, legends, fables, fairy tales, historical vignettes, biographies, Bible stories, and nature lessons. This work is intended for second and third graders.

1000 to 1030 Elementary History & Literature Intermediate Language Lessons by: Emma Serl for Grades 4/5/6 (families must purchase book) Content covers literature studies, letter writing, correct forms of speech and words often misused, vocabulary, outlines, oral and written composition, capitalization and punctuation, civic subjects, such as the school, the court, the state, etc. When an essential fact is taught, the pupil is given practice in using the fact again and again, through dictation, reproduction, and original composition.

Mom's Morning Out: Kiddo’s will enjoy a stimulating morning of play, stories, crafts, and music for children 1-4 years old.  Media free child care with Mountainside will provide the atmosphere of good, old fashioned creativity and fun- while parents and care givers can enjoy a morning out.

Physics: Teacher, Tim Hengst. High school level course in physics with lab, topic covered include:

  • Relate Velocity, Acceleration, Time, and Displacement

  • Use Mathematical Equations for One-Dimensional Motion

  • Understand and apply Newton’s Laws

  • Be able to see the strong connection between math and science

  • Work and energy, Momentum

  • Electricity, Magnetism, Periodic motion, Waves, Optics

Target Audience: No age limit is necessary but a solid grasp of algebra is necessary. This is a high school level course. Exposure to geometry is beneficial but not required. Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Physics 2nd Edition ISBN: 9781932012422, Class Size Limit: 10 students. Supply Fee - no fee if student purchases/assembles lab kit; otherwise TBD

Pottery: Teacher, Josiah Mimken. Welcome to Beginning Ceramics! In this introductory Ceramics course, students will learn basic hand building procedures. We will be exploring the differences of functional and non-functional ceramics, as well as the elements of design.

Saxon Algebra I: Teacher, Tim Hengst. Introductory Algebra I course utilizing the Saxon curriculum and methodologies:

  • expressions, systems of equations, functions, graphing equations, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, radical and rational expressions

Target Audience: No age limit is necessary but a solid grasp of pre-algebra is necessary. This is a high school level course.
Curriculum: Saxon Algebra I ISBN: 9781565771345, Class Size Limit: 10 students *Note: due to short notice work travel, class may get cancelled, typically with a week's notice. Effort will be made to either make up cancelled sessions or provide a substitute teacher*

Sewing: Teacher, Kendra Foskey. 115 Sewing 1st semester for grades 6-12, DIY sewing projects for beginners. Learn how to create your own gifts, accessories, home décor for your artful life! Learn how to hand stitch and beginning sewing techniques.

Theater: (+10 CLASS IS FULL) Teacher, Sherri McCready. (pre-school through 12 & up) Theatre classes are an amazing way to explore all kinds of performance; including acting, movement, stage presence, vocal projection, even a little bit of music and art.  The classes are packed with fun, games, expression, and the joy of creating a performance piece that will allow each student the chance to grow.  Each class will be provide age appropriate training and performance opportunities that will culminate in a finale performance.

Our Teachers

(listed alphabetically) (3).jpg

Kendra Foskey

On my journey I have spent over 20 plus years in retail. Managing big box retail stores such as Gap, Bath & Body Works, and Chicos. I have also worked in Mom and Pop shops and owned my own businesses. Along the way I am raising my own three children, in our homeschool by Charlotte Mason methods. I have taught myself sewing, crocheting, knitting, rebuilt a vintage camper- a crafty DIYer. (5).jpg

Hannah Hengst

Hannah Hengst, aged 16, has been an avid artist from an early age.  Self-taught, Hannah completed a series of bird sketches filling several notebooks when she was 6 years old. She was admitted to adult pottery classes and had the honor to throw at Doe Ridge open studio at age 10. Hannah is the third of six children and loves tea, ultimate frisbee, and her dog, Wendy. Most recently Hannah completed AP studio art under Dacia Trethewey.  Hannah was featured in the 2018 Watauga Shooting Stars Awards and was a guest artist at the Watauga Art Space. Link follows,

Hannah is currently working to graduate from high school as a licensed chef.


Tim Hengst

Mr. Tim Hengst, BS Electrical Engineering (Rice U.) and MS Electrical Engineering (UTexas-Arlington) is currently a Solution Architect for Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software. He brings 30 years of industry experience with NASA, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and Siemens to the classroom to help and inspire today's youth in understanding mathematics, physics, and how they affect our lives. As a homeschool dad of six, he leverages his experience teaching his kids math, science, and chemistry and his experience as a professional tutor and instructor. He enjoys sharing the awesome elegance of mathematics with eager, curious mind


Andy Lebeau

This course will be taught by Andy Le Beau. Andy has been a police officer for 29 years and currently holds the rank of Captain of Police Operations at the Boone Police Department. Andy has been a police officer in Daytona Beach, FL, Charlotte, Hickory, one year in Kosovo (former Republic of Yugoslavia), and for the last 16 years in Boone. Andy earned Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. Andy has worked in a variety of different assignments to include: patrol, investigations, SWAT, close protection, investigations, and supervision. Andy is married to Jennie Le Beau, and they have homeschooled both of their children. (2).jpg

Katrina Locklin

Katrina Locklin has been teaching various styles of dance for over thirty years nationwide. Originally from Connecticut, Katrina furthered her dance education in Boston, MA where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance from The Boston Conservatory. Katrina was the Artistic Director and owner of Urban Grace Dance - a pre-professional dance school located in Pennsylvania, before relocating with her family to Banner Elk, NC. Among her accomplishments, she has performed professionally with several multi-disciplinary dance companies, dance troupes and in community theater. Her choreography has spanned from school and studio performances and competitions, to full stage productions, as well as television and video. Most recently Katrina taught a Hiphop master class in Appalachian State University’s Summer Series and Contemporary Dance Classes for Mayland Community College in Banner Elk. Katrina focuses on teaching proper technique in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where students are encouraged to be themselves. Katrina welcomes students of all ages, levels and abilities in her all inclusive classes.

Shannon McCready

Shannon has played guitar since he was 14 years old, helping lead worship and performing original music for youth groups, churches and conferences.  The best advice Shannon has for beginners: “Keep your guitar out where you will see it every day, so you can pick it up for 5 minutes to play! As you grow to enjoy playing, the 5 minutes begins to stretch longer without even noticing!”


Sherri McCready

Sherri McCready has been a Thespian for over 30 years, performing, writing, directing, and teaching theatre for 3 decades. She was a Vocal Major and a Ballet Major in her early College years, and then traveled with the Choice Team for 7 years performing in Schools and Churches all over the Country. She founded Elevate School of Life and Art in Asheville, NC in 2009 and then wrote and directed Story of God 2014-2017 ( She has performed in Godspell (Director), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Narrator). (6).jpg

Bob & Michelle McManus

Bob and Michele McManus have had their teens in Bible Quizzing since the fall of 2009 and have been leading the local ministry in the High Country since their arrive here in 2015.

Josiah Mimken

My name is Josiah Mimken. I have been involved with pottery since I was a kid, and my love for this art form has only grown through the years. I'm excited to share my passion, and can't wait to explore how fun and rewarding clay can be. (7).jpg

Gracie Swain

 Hello! My name is Gracie Swain. I am a 22-year-old senior at Appalachian State University studying general theatre. I have always had a passion for theatre and Jesus and I try to always shine His light while on the stage. Another passion I have is to teach and show love to children and give them somewhere safe to express themselves. I have taught theatre workshops at Roanoke Christian Camp and I plan to open my own children's theatre one day. (1).jpg

Celia Thurman

After graduating from Appalachian State University with degrees in Dance, Visual Art (ceramics and painting), and Interior Design, Celia performed with X Factor, a contemporary dance company based out of Boone, NC. She toured that season with the North Carolina Dance Festival. In 2008 Celia studied with The American Dance festival, held at Duke University, concentrating on Cunningham technique (Modern). Returning to WNC, Celia reunited with long-time dance friend, Alisha Ear, and two other accomplished dancers for a project-based summer creative entitled ACTS dancers. They performed locally. In 2009, Sherri McCready, founder of Elevate School of Life and Art, approached Celia to perform a long-running contract with Godspell (off Broadway). In 2010, Celia began training in aerial silks in San Diego, CA. From 2013-2015, Celia founded and directed ALIAS International Dance Theatre, performing in: Asheville, Virgina, NYC,NY, and East Asia. In 2013, Celia founded the Circus Arts Program at Elevate, which continues to grow. Currently, Celia instructs aerial arts courses at Startsteps Gymnastics and Elevate. She loves to go on adventures with her friends and family, loves animals, really likes to eat tacos and ice cream, and really enjoys being outdoors.




All Tuesday classes are held at Crosspoint Community Church, Wednesday & Thursday classes will be held at Galileo’s

Sept 10th- Dec 10th

Crosspoint Church | 132 Councill Street | Boone | NC | 28607


Classes: $84/semester

Mom's Morning Out: FOR REGISTERED STUDENTS Tuesday OR Wednesday $210/semester, $20 for drop-ins; Tuesday & Wednesday FOR REGISTERED STUDENTS $280/semester, $30 for drop-ins (inquire about our monthly payment plan in the notes section)

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