Statement of Faith

The following is a simple "Statement of Faith" which is a way for people to have an understanding that we are connected to historical Jesus and historical Christian faith.  It is not intended to be comprehensive, nor something to be memorized and recited.   If you're new to the Christian faith or investigating, don't worry if you don't understand everything, or if you're not sure if your belief conforms to historical, biblical Christianity--most of us when we started out didn't have "correct belief".  We just knew we encountered Jesus and loved Him.  Our desire is to be as simple as the first century Christ-followers and 21st century believers in China today.  They were and are people not of an institution, but a living Jesus-movement, whose simple creed/message/ethos was and is: "Jesus is Lord."



The Bible is the account of all God has done, and His mission and interaction with humans to bring them into close relationship with Himself.  It is sometimes also called "The Holy Scriptures", "Word of God", and even "Vox Deo"--the Voice of God. It is written by humans, but inspired by God.  It is true, and for Christ-followers it is how they evaluate the 'trueness' of all other things.  It contains historical events, poetry, prophecy, and eye witness accounts. It also contains the Gospel throughout it all, which reveals the central, redemptive figure of the universe--Jesus.



God exists eternally in sacrificial, loving fellowship in three persons: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  God the Father has invited us to join His 'fellowship" through the Son, Jesus, and His work at the cross, and through the Holy Spirit, who applies that work and makes people new & whole again.  For Christ-followers, who believe Jesus' words, "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father,"(John 14:9) Jesus is more central--because Jesus is how the Father revealed himself to humans.  But Christ-followers do not forget the 'three-in-oneness' of God and the love, the beauty, and mystery of the Trinity.  The nature of God and His character are described in the Bible accounts of God-and-human-encounters, where God reveals Himself and His holy, faithful, compassionate, just, merciful, slow-to-anger, jealous, and loving nature.



Humans are made in God's image, but have been marred by evil in such a way that our very inner nature is sinful and passed on like spiritual DNA to every human born.  We cannot clean ourselves up, even if we try to change our outward behaviors.  For thousands of years, religion has told us if "we do this or that, maybe we will be accepted by God".  Jesus says, "you are accepted by the Father through me--trust me; follow me."  Jesus was right with God.  Jesus passes on his 'right-ness' with God to us when we trust/believe/put our full weight on him and his words--and his sacrifice on the cross.  This trust-belief is more than an intellectual acknowledgement; it moves you; it is a hard "reset" of your life causing a person to see everything differently--which causes you to act differently.  It is a 'second birth' giving you a new nature that hungers and calls out to God. This trust + action = faith.  Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus.


There is much more that theologians and different branches of the Christian faith--or even you would like to see written here.  But this is enough for the beginner, the learner-student of Jesus, whose questions arise from the Holy Spirit within them and turns them to the Bible for the answers. If you have genuine questions about Mountainside's stance, please contact us.